Classic Blue and White Bath: After

Who: Laura M.
Where: Jacksonville, Fla.

The room was gutted, rotted floor joists and subfloor replaced, and insulation added. The old bathroom wall was removed and a new wall framed in the hallway. These changes increased the size of the bath from 35 to 58 square feet. The door was relocated to the left of its original position, sparing my guests a full view of the toilet when they enter the house. Floor-to-ceiling shelving replaced the old chimney, and the sink is now the lone inhabitant of the small alcove formerly shared by both sink and toilet. The toilet was relocated to the area annexed from the hallway. I made the decision to remove the black accents from the flooring sheets and cut out replacements from the blue wall tiles.

Who did the work: I did some of the work myself, but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: $10,000 to $25,000
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