Light and Airy Period Bath: After

Who: Elisabeth L.
Where: Gettysburg, Ohio

Leaving the plastering, plumbing, and electrical to the pros, we decided to do the rest. I convinced my husband if I could learn how to lay mosaic tile and hang crown molding, the money we saved would offset the vintage-style faucets, light fixtures, and lavatory. This was before the December 2010 issue of TOH suggested hiring a pro if you had out-of-square or curved walls, or were hanging built-up wood molding! Our bath had all three! Knowing none of this, I started my first attempt ever at crown molding with several back issues of TOH nearby for advice. The same with the tiling. It took longer than expected, but turned out as we hoped: light and airy with lots of period detail!

Who did the work: I did most of the work myself
Cost: $1,000 to $5,000
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