Screened-in dining table after the remodel
Photo: Ryan Kurtz
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Best Backyard Redo: Screened-in Seating

Who: Karl Jungbluth
Where: Boone, Iowa

"Our cast-iron table is now the perfect spot for alfresco dinners, but it was in terrible shape when we first saw it at a farm auction. We could see its potential, though. For the metal parts, I scraped off several layers of paint and sprayed on a fresh coat. I also removed the stained, warped linoleum tabletop, and spent a couple of hours sanding down a piece of white oak for the new top.

"The finishing touch is the door, inspired by the huge oak trees in our yard. After sketching the design, I cut out two versions with a jigsaw and rounded the edges with a router. The screen is sandwiched between the two layers. Now we can sit outside here all summer long without getting snacked on—it's a real relief."

Shown: The screened-in room keeps out even the smallest insects, making it a perfect spot for meals and bird-watching.
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