remodeled bathroom
Photo: David Lamb
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The Project Tally

• Gutted the bath, offsetting the cost of dumping debris by selling the original copper pipes and the claw-foot tub, $0

• Scored a cast-iron tub on sale, $350

• Laid ceramic tiles rather than real slate squares for easy-care flooring on the cheap, $85

• Added designer look-alike tiles from a big-box store for a vintage-inspired shower, $150

• Hired a contractor to tile the shower surround, install drywall, and paint the walls, $525

• Installed a new toilet, a pedestal sink, and a faucet, $604

• Mounted two sconces flanking a beveled mirror, and a ceiling fan light, $332

• Put in a new window, a towel bar, shower hardware, and a wire shower-curtain track, $192

TOTAL: $2,238
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