hearth built as part of this beautifully designed outdoor kitchen
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Add a Hearth

The ultimate outdoor-kitchen accessory—a fireplace¬≠—comes at a price. It can cost from $10,000 for a basic block structure with a stucco finish to $25,000 and more for one made with stone. To bring down the cost of the nearly 15-foot-tall fireplace shown here, architect Jane Frederick chose less-pricey brick with bluestone trim. Raising the hearth allowed it to do double duty as a bench. Now the homeowners can enjoy the space virtually year-round.

Pictured: A 400-year-old live oak provides a natural canopy.

Money-saving option:: A portable fire pit, like UniFlame's tiled version (about $300; Lowe's), creates similar ambience at a fraction of the price.
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