a sink and appliances installed with a grill in this beautifully designed outdoor kitchen
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Install a Sink and Appliances

When an outdoor kitchen is more than a few steps from the house, it may pay to install cold-water and waste lines for a sink, as well as a small fridge for cool drinks. Adding a hot-water line, too, and a dishwasher can make cleanup that much easier. Count on plumbing costs to start around $1,500 (even more if you're adding hot water). Outdoor-rated undercounter fridges start around $1,000, rust-resistant stainless-steel dishwashers at $750.

Money-saving option: Look for a sink that hooks up to a garden hose and drains into the ground, such as Ames True Temper's Garden Sync-It (about $30; Amazon.com). Chill drinks in a tub elevated on an iron stand, like Pier 1's red-painted galvanized-metal option (about $70; Pier 1 Imports).
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