'Endless Summer' mophead hydrangeas
Photo: Blickwinkel/Alamy
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Reblooming Hydrangeas

Q: What's the story with reblooming hydrangeas?

A: One way to guard against the vagaries of mistakenly cutting off buds or losing them to a cold snap is to grow some of the newer reblooming hybrids. These have become staples at home centers since their first introduction, in 2004. Some to consider are 'Endless Summer,' a blue mophead, and 'Twist and Shout,' a pink to blue lacecap (go to Endless Summer Collection for stores). 'Let's Dance Moonlight' is a new reblooming pink mophead (go to Monrovia for stores). These hybrids bloom throughout the summer on both the current and past year's growth, so they will produce blooms on the new growth even if the old growth is nipped in the bud by cold temperatures.

Shown: The big blue 'Endless Summer' hybrid mophead (shown) reblooms all season.
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