zombieland scene with woody harrelson using pick ax as weapon
Photo: Everett Collection
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Think of Your Toolbox as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

As Woody Harrelson's gun-toting Tallahassee taught us in the 2009 blockbuster Zombieland, a sharp set of hedge clippers can lop a zombie's head off, no problem. But there are plenty of other zombie-zapping alternatives right in your workshop or garage. As a rule of thumb, the best way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain. So your best line of defense is a blunt tool equipped with a long handle, such as an ax or a tire iron. The latter is especially helpful, since it can also be jabbed into the zombie's eye socket, gouging its brain. Shovels serve a dual purpose as a blunt weapon and a means of properly burying dead zombies once they've (finally) met their maker.
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