front door with original transom and sidelights in this indianapolis indiana save this old house
Photo: Chad Lethig
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Greek Revival Door

What it needs: A local realty company wants to develop the property and is working with a preservation group to find someone to relocate the house. The place is in good shape, but its kitchen and two bathrooms could use updates, and it needs new plumbing, wiring, and heating systems. Covenants will be attached to the sale to ensure the house maintains its historic character—and never, ever has to be moved again.

The house's style is a blend of Greek Revival and Italianate. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Though changes to the house's exterior are prohibited by covenants, relocating the rear garage, added in the 1930s, is optional.

Shown: The now boarded-up front door has its original transom and sidelights.
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