kale, bok choy and orange calendula
Photo: Saxon Holt
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Blend in With Flowers

Maybe you have outdoor space but it's already entirely landscaped. To grow food, tuck attractive edibles among the ornamentals or replace what's there over time. Have a shrub that's barren in the winter? Switch to a blueberry bush—it's also bare in winter but has fruit in summer. Genetic dwarf peaches, such as 'El Dorado,' grow just 3 feet high, or taller columnar apple trees can also substitute for existing shrubs.

In a perennial border, the huge leaves of rhubarb plants look striking. You can also mix and match by color. "People ask if they can put that beautiful red-stemmed chard in with red verbena," Creasy says. "I say, 'Yes!' Does that purple cabbage look good with purple pansies? Yes! People gasp at my pictures showing a red wall with purple blackberries hanging down. With roses, people expect beauty. But blackberries are beautiful too. And the thornless kind, such as 'Black Satin,' are easy to control."

Shown: Curly-leaf kale and bok choy mingle with orange calendula in this mixed border (shown).
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