bamboo stake tepees for squash vines
Photo: Saxon Holt
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Grow Up Where You Can

You aren't limited to what can sprawl along the ground. Trained up a trellis, pole peas and beans, cucumbers, small melons, and vining squash all have a small footprint in the garden. A full or half cage made of field fencing is easy to anchor to a container for supporting tomatoes. For a garden bed, Creasy favors 4x4 posts and hog- or cattle-wire panels, which come in sturdy, flat sections and can support even the heaviest fruit. For either style, get material with 4-inch openings so that you can reach through at harvest time. You can also grow pole beans or cherry tomatoes on a garden arch, which makes harvesting especially easy—just walk through and pluck.

Shown: Tepees of bamboo stakes allow squash to clamber up in a mixed border.
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