pots with various herbs growing
Photo: David Cavagnaro/Garden Picture Library
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Plant in Pots

You can grow most edibles in containers, with caveats: Containers must be sized right and have proper drainage. "Pots less than 6 to 8 inches across are just too much bother," Creasy says. "The soil dries out too fast." Heavy, oversize pots can also be problematic if you're growing dwarf figs, apricots, or other fruit that needs to overwinter in the shelter of an unheated garage or shed. Avoid needing to move anything bigger than a half-barrel, even if you rig up wheels before you plant. Strawberry pots, which have planting pockets on the sides, are great for herbs as well as berries.

Shown: Swiss chard, bush zucchini, and herbs, including sage, basil, and parsley, all do well in pots.
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