a garden path with bush beans, eggplant, sage, basil, artichoke and a conatiner of mint
Photo: Thomas J. Story

Fruits and Veggies Abound

You don't need a backyard farm to enjoy the tangy flavor of just-picked blueberries or the juicy sweetness of vine-ripened tomatoes still warm from the sun. Strategize right, and you can grow a lot of food in a tiny space, even in full view of your neighbors. "The first thing is to change your mind-set," says Rosalind Creasy, whose experiments with edible plants in her suburban Los Altos, California, front yard led her to write the classic Edible Landscaping, which was recently updated and reissued. "Think about giving edible plants more status." They don't need to hide in the backyard, for instance, especially if you choose fruit and vegetable varieties with ornamental attributes.


Bush beans, eggplant, sage, basil, artichokes, and a container of mint line the backyard path Save (shown).
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