an egg-shaped mobile home
Photo: Rini van Beek/Mick Couwenbergh
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Blob vB3 Mobile Living Space

Mechelen, Belgium

The oft reviled trailer park staple has been completely reimaged in the form of this sleek, portable "blob" house by Mechelen-based architects dmvA. The unit's two doors open on hydraulics to create outdoor canopies and close into the nearly seamless "space-egg" design. It was built for Rini van Beek, the owner of a furniture design agency, in 2009. But, as one Belgian newspaper put it, the futuristic home office annex managed to "skirt around building regulations." The day after the article ran, a Netherlands council member dropped by to warn the owner against stationing the thing near her home. Now the mobile unit—complete with a kitchen, a full bath, storage niches, and even a built-in bed niche—is up for sale and currently on display at the Verbeje Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium.
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