a house shaped like a golf ball
Photo: Larry Page/Flickr
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Golf Ball House

Yucca, Arizona

Development company Lake Havasu Estates built this swanky cocktail lounge, naming it the "Dinesphere," in the 1970s. But bankruptcy forced the company to sell the building shortly thereafter. Hotelier and restaurateur Hank Schimmel bought the roadside oddity as a birthday present for his wife and the couple moved into the sphere in 1991. The 3,400-square-foot abode is divided into three levels, with a kitchen and living areas on the first level, a guest bed and a formal dining area on the second, and a master bedroom with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains at the very top. The Schimmels have since moved on, and the current owners hope to open the sphere to the public as a roadside gift shop.
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