outdoor pond and fountain
Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan
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1. Work Back to Front

On a narrow lot like this one, with limited access points, it's important to decide what the backyard's most important elements will be and start there. This will keep major earthmoving equipment and foot traffic from trampling finished landscaping out front. For George, a good-size pond with a waterfall was priority number one. So the plan called for a dramatic two-tier waterfall to start in one corner of the yard and flow along a 15-foot curve that empties into a pond 15 feet long and 7 feet across at its widest points. As soil was excavated for the pond, it was mounded up behind the basin to create the base for the waterfall; the pond liner was hidden with granite boulders and limestone outcropping, which were softened with pockets of plants. The water feature can be seen from every spot in the backyard and from inside the house.
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