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How much does it cost?
Vinyl sheets range from 75 cents to $4 per square foot. Tiles typically cost $1 to $8 per square foot. Planks run about $5 per square foot. In each case, installation is extra.

DIY or hire a pro?
Homeowners can install most tiles and planks themselves. Let a pro lay sheet flooring.

How long will it last?
Warranties on vinyl flooring run from five years to as long as you own the house.

How much care does it need?
Vacuum regularly and mop with soapy water to remove grime and keep colors bright. Do not use abrasives, bleach, or ammonia. Wipe up spills to prevent stains.

Where to buy it?
Home centers and flooring retailers sell a variety of tiles, sheets, and planks, and can recommend an installer if the type you choose isn't DIY-friendly.

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