finished bathroom with striped walls
Photo: Roeshel Summerville
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The Project Tally

• Removed the carpet, $0

• Primed and painted the ceiling, door, and trim with cans left over from previous projects, $0

• Mounted a three-light fixture over the sink and a flush-mount schoolhouse light on the ceiling, $221

• Painted the floor with an area-rug design using two stencils, 1 gallon of new porch paint, and leftover gray paint, $40

• Sealed the floor with three coats of polyurethane, $16

• Created a striped wallpaper look with 2 gallons of paint, $62

• Hung an oval vanity mirror, $75

• Primed, painted, and lacquered the existing faucets to look like oil-rubbed bronze, $25

TOTAL: $439
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