casa kimberley the home of elizabeth taylor and richard burton in puerto vallarta mexico
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Casa Kimberley, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

They fell in love while making the extravagant 1963 film Cleopatra, setting the tone for a whirlwind of romance and excess. In fact, the tumultuous love affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton played out much like a movie script, never short of intrigue, opulence, or turmoil. The famous couple, who became two of the highest paid actors in Hollywood at the time, commanded so much attention, their only real escape was their residence, Casa Kimberley.

Burton purchased the massive 22,900-square-foot home as a gift to Taylor on her 32nd birthday, then bought a neighboring villa for himself. He connected the two with a pink bridge, which has been likened to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Despite the couple's divorce, reconciliation, remarriage, and second divorce, Taylor held onto the home until Burton died, when it became too painful a reminder of her famous ex-husband.

The home was open to the public for a time, but it has been sold and will, sadly, be torn down to make way for condominiums.
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