the conservatory of the mark twain house of hartford connecticut
Photo: Courtesy of The Mark Twain House & Museum
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The Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT (cont'd)

The couple eventually settled in Hartford, where they built a 25-room house designed by architect Edward Tuckerman Potter with creative input from Olivia. Twain's deep fondness for this home was no secret. He wrote, "To us, our house…had a heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us with…it was of us." At the same time, Twain's admiration for his wife, who he considered an equal, was made clear when he put the deed to the house and the land in her name. Twain wrote many of his classics in this home, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In his own words, this house was "a home—and the word never had so much meaning before." Sadly, the Clemens family left the home to travel abroad after daughter Susy died there in 1896. They never returned and sold the house in 1903; it is now a museum.
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