bostitch no hose nailer
Photo: Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio
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Bostitch GBT1850K

Price: About $240
Highlight: Offers the longest warranty of the gas-powered nailers tested.

Tester: Cedric Rose, Cincinnati, OH
Skill level: Beginner ("I've installed some trim.")
Used tool for: Installing pine and MDF shoe molding.
My two cents: "The gun fired consistently, without jamming. I was concerned that the brads would split or shatter the MDF and the narrow, smaller strips of brittle wood molding, but the brads didn't damage either one."
Tool stats: 4 pounds, 3.6 volt lithium-ion battery with 60-minute charger; holds 100 nails, to 2 inches long; drives 1,200 2-inch nails per fuel cell; 4,000 per charge, 2 per second. Includes adjustable drive depth, single or sequential nailing, two-year limited warranty.
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