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Photo: Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio
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Senco Fusion FN55AX

Price: About $350
Highlight: Shoots nails instantly; no wait for the motor to ramp up. Needs no fuel cells.

Tester: Anthony Sheffer, Traverse City, Mich.
Skill level: Pro ("I'm a trim carpenter.")
Used tool for: Installing cherry casing around a window.
My two cents: "This one fires nails just as fast as the pneumatic nailers I've been using for years."
Tool stats: 6 pounds, 18-volt lithium-ion battery with 45-minute charger; holds 110 nails to 2 inches long; drives 600 2-inch nails per charge, two to three per second. Includes nose-mounted LED, adjustable drive depth, single or sequential nailing, two-year tool warranty.
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