window arch console table made from salvage materials
Photo: Laurey W. Glen
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November: Window-Arch Console Table

For a console table with true one-of-a-kind appeal, support it with some sculptural finds from a salvage yard—like the weathered Gothic arches used here. The how-to:

1. Look for heavy, arched wood window frames or garden ornaments at your local salvage yard; if the arches aren’t thick enough to support your table top, screw two together.
2. Once you have a sturdy base, create the top by capping a 2x plank with decorative molding that features a beveled profile.
3. Adhere the board to the top of the arches with construction adhesive, shim it level around the peak of each arch, and fasten with deck screws. If your base is stone, you’ll need masonry anchors and screws.
4. Top the plank with a bluestone step (available at a stone yard for about $10 per foot), cut to your desired measurements. Then complete the dramatic display by resting a few of your favorite finds on the console’s top.
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