bathroom with rubber ducky shower curtain and shelves of rubber ducks
Julian Wass Photo:
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April: Build a Bath Display

Sorry, Bert and Ernie. For us, Rubber Duckie, you’re the one works way better with something like a hundred and one. With their fun, colorful look, the little squeakers are just the kind of waterproof, unbreakable—and inexpensive—items that make a lively collection to array in a bath. Here, one flock perches atop narrow shelves while a larger brood paddles across the shower curtain, giving this family space a playful identity. Want to mount a display of your own? Size the shelves right by cutting down unfinished pine or poplar shelf kits from the home center, or make your own out of 1x5s, routing the edge for a finished look. Cut simple brackets from the same material, attach keyhole hardware, then secure to the wall with screws. The results: just ducky.
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