photo illustration showing remodeled house and garage with gabled roof and pergola
Illustration: Anthony Tieuli
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A Stunning Solution

It's a situation that will ring familiar with many folks. Ever since attached, street-facing garages became the norm in the 1950s (before then, most garages were small, freestanding structures that were discreetly tucked away behind houses), homeowners and architects have faced a big challenge: how to make sure garages don't overshadow the houses themselves. For the TOH TV house, the solution will be a new "hat"—namely, a gabled roof that will match the one topping the new, bumped-out entryway. Unifying the entire facade will make the garage seem much less dominant. And a pergola, shown in the photo illustration below, will connect the garage to the entry structure, providing an extra dose of curb appeal.

The Sharmas also considered adding new carriage-style garage doors, but they proved too pricey for their budget. Instead, they'll give the existing doors a fresh coat of paint and add eye-catching oil-rubbed bronze sconces above each one.
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