kitchen with plum and mint painted cabinets
Photo: Bob Narod
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Plum and Mint

The owners of this traditional-looking kitchen, in Alexandria, Virginia, liked the flavor that mint green would give their cabinets but realized that doing all of them in one color would be "too pastel-bright and monotonous," says their kitchen designer, Eric Lieberknecht. So they decided to add deep plum to two sets of upper cabinets and tone down both colors with brown-tinted glaze. Wire-and-pebbled-glass fronts add to the upper cabinets' distinction and make them focal points. Unifying the wood ceiling beams, stainless-steel appliances, and painted cabinets are brownish-green limestone countertops and mossy-brown painted shelves.

For a similar look, try Behr's June Vision (cabinets) and Enchanted Evening (upper glass-faced cabinets).
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