kitchen with green cabinets and yellow working space
Photo: Laura Moss
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Keeping a Balance

Cabinets for the home office were ordered in a factory-applied yellow that echoes the hutch across the room. Grass-cloth wall covering adds a sophisticated note and warm neutral backdrop, while red accents provide punch.

The color choices may be courageous, but they were hardly random. "It took a lot of time to think about ways to use color and create a balanced look," says Walder. To help get it right, Bonnie made copies of the architectural elevations and used crayons to color them in a half-dozen different combinations.

Citrusy shades of yellow, green, and orange not only enliven the cooking space but also help give different areas of the addition distinct identities. More important, "the kitchen is really happy," says Bonnie. "People love to be in this room."

For a similar look, try Valspar's Golden Haze (office cabinets).
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