the crazy house in vietnam
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Kelisi
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Hang Nga Guesthouse (the Crazy House)

Dalat, Vietnam

The namesake for this hotel, Hang Nga, designed the unusual building and, according to travel sites, she is often on hand to chat with guests. Hang Nga—who cites Salvador Dali and Walt Disney as her inspiration—is the daughter of the former president of Vietnam, which may explain how she was able to create such a far-out structure in communist Vietnam. Ten individually designed guest rooms were opened to the public in 1990. The interior features a network of bridges, ladders, and passageways that include odd ornamentation, such as spider webs, caged birds, and a giant giraffe. A night at the Crazy House ranges from about $30 to $85 USD, depending on when you go.
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