redwood tree log house in northern california
Photo: Courtesy Dan Baleme,
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One Log House

Garberville, California

This house is in pretty good condition—considering the tree it's made from is 1900 years old! Carved out of a 42-ton redwood, this wacky mobile home was "built" in 1946 by logger Art Schmock. He took the log house to fairs and festivals across the country to bring awareness to Northern California’s beautiful giant redwoods, the source of his life's work. The tour was ultimately cut short because of the tree’s massive size, which made it hard to move. The 32-foot-long house boasts six-foot ceilings and a fully functional living space that includes a bedroom, living room, and dining area. It's now owned by Dan Baleme in California, who restored it and opened it to the public in 1999.
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