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Laptop Heat: Couch Jockeys Beware

Oh, and by the way: If the man of the house is reading this from a laptop nestled on his thighs it's time to stand up! As you two sit there on the couch scaring yourselves with tales of infertility, your research effort itself may be undermining your ability to procreate. According to a study issued just last month, working with a laptop on its namesake perch throws off enough heat to raise the temperature of a man's scrotum by 2.56 degrees C. You'll recall from anatomy class that the biological reason for the scrotum's existence is to keep sperm away from your core body temperature—at a cooler, safe distance. It's well established that overheating the testicles can reduce sperm count, at least temporarily. Men who spread their legs or used a laptop pad merely delayed the overheating. Desktop, anyone?

Source: "Protection from scrotal hyperthermia in laptop computer users," Fertility and Sterility (November 2010)"]
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