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Burn, Barbie, Burn

My dear Gram was a woman who always happily and quickly cleaned up the gift wrap that had been strewn about Christmas morning and deposited it in the incinerator in the basement. One year, Gram gave me my favorite gift—the Barbie Dream House. It wasn't until we had assembled all the furniture and the box was in ashes (thank you, incinerator) that we realized the pieces to assemble the house itself were packed as a lining to the box. She and I were both devastated!

However, the next Christmas, I wakened to a Barbie-scaled dollhouse, 6-by-4-by-2-feet, that she'd had built herself, along with handmade bedspreads, drapes, carpet and roof shingles. Gram passed away in 1985, but I have the doll house to this day!

Alanna Faith
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