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Light the Menorah...

My dad decided to make a Chanukah menorah out of wood—very dry old wood. He then put finish on it, and even though it wasn't "quite dry" yet, he lit it. What's the worst that could happen, right? Well, the menorah burst into flames, which ignited the paper Chanukah table cloth, which lit the placemats on fire.

As my dad tried to slap out the flames with a dishtowel, his hairspray lit on fire. While my other family members were throwing water on our now very dramatic "night of lights," I took the cake and slapped it on my dad's head to put that out.

Then there was a huge cracking noise, which turned out to be our glass dining room table breaking from the heat. Now it seems totally unreal and hilarious, but that was a bit scary at the time!

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