LED light bulbs for every fixture
Photo: Andrew McCaul

Affordable LEDs For Every Fixture

No, we're not crazy. If these LEDs still seem pricey, consider that most of them will last longer than your mortgage. The widely spaced heat-wicking fins on GE's Energy Smart 40-watter distribute light evenly by letting it slip out the sides (450 lumens; about $50; gelighting.com).

Lighting Science Group's A19 EcoSmart, a 40-watt equivalent, boasts the longest lifespan—46 years!—and the most lumens, 429, per dollar (about $19; lsgc.com).

Lemnis Lighting's Pharox 300 Flame is an inexpensive 60-watt equivalent (330 lumens; about $30; lemnislighting.com).

Philips is gunning for the honor of brightest with its 806-lumen EnduraLED, which squeezes a 60-watt equivalent out of 12 watts. As for the funky design, the yellow phosphor coating casts a warm incandescent glow—just like the one we've grown used to over the past 100 years or so. About $40; lighting.philips.com

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