LED light bulbs for every fixture
Photo: Andrew McCaul
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Lighting: Affordable LEDs For Every Fixture

No, we're not crazy. If these LEDs still seem pricey, consider that most of them will last longer than your mortgage. The widely spaced heat-wicking fins on GE's Energy Smart 40-watter distribute light evenly by letting it slip out the sides (450 lumens; about $50; gelighting.com).

Lighting Science Group's A19 EcoSmart, a 40-watt equivalent, boasts the longest lifespan—46 years!—and the most lumens, 429, per dollar (about $19; lsgc.com).

Lemnis Lighting's Pharox 300 Flame is an inexpensive 60-watt equivalent (330 lumens; about $30; lemnislighting.com).

Philips is gunning for the honor of brightest with its 806-lumen EnduraLED, which squeezes a 60-watt equivalent out of 12 watts. As for the funky design, the yellow phosphor coating casts a warm incandescent glow—just like the one we've grown used to over the past 100 years or so. About $40; lighting.philips.com
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