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Our lists, well, most of them, are really just long to-do lists. But we, the editors of This Old House, do have a special one. It's the one we keep of all the cool new home products we come across in the course of the year.

From finds at trade shows to briefings from big tool manufacturers to peeks at the genius of basement inventors, we see it all, and then some. And without fail we want most of it. At least at first. But that's just silly, of course. Because when it comes right down to it, most new products aren't all that special. Or necessary. Some—Toilet Tattoos, anyone?—are downright absurd, not much more than thinly veiled excuses to separate us from our money.

But the products you'll find on the following pages—some budget-friendly, some breakthrough, some stylish, some sustainable—they're different. They are, still now, at the end of the year, the special ones. We could go on, but then we'd have less space for the good stuff. Better to just keep clicking and see for yourself.
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