Would You Live in Any of These Houses?

Last we met, for World's Wildest Houses IV, we toured some of the coolest and quirkiest living spaces. We saw Mercury House One, an advanced-concept, high-tech, mobile lounge. We checked out the Cosmic Muffin, a floating home made from a 1939 plane that once belonged to Howard Hughes. And we almost passed right by the Boulder House, with its unassuming rock facade, camouflaged in the landscape of Joshua Tree, California.

Here, we continue the journey with a new crop of quirky domiciles, including the 727 Fuselage Home in Costa Rica, a floating apartment complex in Belgium, and more. As you've requested, we'll give you a look inside the strange abodes, too.

Got a wild house of your own? Or know about one that we should include in the next installment of World's Wildest Houses? Tell us in the comments section below!
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