designer discussion plans for the auburndale kitchen remodel with homeowners
Photo: Allison Dinner
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Putting the Pieces Together

The breakthrough, though, was utilizing the all-important center island to divide the space into task-oriented zones "so that everyone can stay out of each other's way." Venegas put the fridge on the wall opposite the range to keep snack-seeking kids from interrupting the cooking show. She also suggested a supersized pantry with a lower cabinet for the little ones' cereals and snacks, and an upper cabinet for the grown-ups' stuff. Connecting the fridge and range zones, the sink wall contains what Allison calls her "breakfast zone," with the coffeemaker, toaster, and microwave. When all the rearranging was finished, it became clear that what the Sharmas wanted was less Top Chef and more Modern Family.

Shown: Venegas shows the Sharmas a bi-level pantry, useful for separating snacks and spices.
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