the Skil 2414-02 drill/driver
Photo: Mark Weiss
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Skil 2414-02

Price: $95; Skil
Test results: Sank 515 screws, drilled 28 holes, recharged in 49 minutes.
Torque test (driving a lag screw): 1 star.
My two cents: "One of the least powerful in the lag-bolt test, though it did drive a good number of screws. The battery behaved much like a NiCad in that the battery performance would die, then after a minute of resting it would come back to life. The tool's battery gauge was inaccurate."
Tool stats: 2.6 pounds, 284 in.-lbs. of torque, 1,500 max rpm, two speeds, 16 clutch settings, battery-life meter, two batteries.
Warranty: 1 year on drill, 1 year on battery.
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