bathroom with blue green walls and deep red vanity
Photo: Alex Hayden
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Take in the Rooms as a Whole

Orange and yellow hues also cover two of the most vivid rooms in the house, the powder room and upstairs guest bedroom—so vivid, in fact, that they gave Charlie Eaton pause. "I remember peeking under the plastic sheet that was blocking off the rooms being painted, and thinking, Wow, we've gone too far," he says. But hesitation turned to infatuation as the whole-house palette emerged. Upstairs, that also includes an orange-gold home office and calming blue-greens for the master bedroom and bathroom walls.

"Each room seems more alive," says Chris of the finished results. "Downstairs, the colors are warm and welcoming. Upstairs, we now have an inviting place for overnight guests and a soothing but still colorful look for the master bedroom and bath."

"This was a wonderful old house before," adds Charlie, "and it's a great house today."

Shown: For the full bath off the upstairs hall, which functions as the master, using the off-white for the trim provides a subtle contrast with the cleaner white used overhead. The blue-green walls get added personality via a deep-red vanity.
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