master bedroom with pale dusty blue green walls with khaki trim
Photo: Alex Hayden
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For the Eatons, establishing the colors for the kitchen—the main gathering spot, now opened up to the dining room—became the key to choosing colors for the first floor. Wanting to create a sense of welcome, the Eatons chose warm colors: three different hues in the yellow family for the walls, trim, and cooking-area cabinetry. Then they added a bold blue for the island base, refrigerator cabinet, and sink-area base cabinets. "The blue makes the cabinetry feel more like freestanding furniture," says Clements. "And the two color families define different areas."

She meshed the kitchen with the adjacent dining room by repeating colors. "We emphasized the open connections by blurring the lines between dining room and kitchen," she says. An apricot-gold covers the walls of the living room, giving the room a distinctive look but one that is also in keeping with the adjacent dining room. "We wanted that glow to carry out from the kitchen area to the other social areas of the house."

Shown: Pale, dusty blue-green walls give the master bedroom an ethereal look. The trim is the yellowish khaki-green pastel used elsewhere on walls; the ceiling is the same off-white as most of the other rooms.
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