orange and green powder room with gaugin print
Photo: Alex Hayden
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With the Eatons, Clements used her favorite method for establishing a palette. "I have clients come to my office and look through art prints," says the designer, who then digs through a huge candy jar she keeps filled with paint chips. Although the Eatons initially didn't see anything they liked in Clements' prints, they went home and realized that a print they owned of "Street in Tahiti," a 19th-century oil painting by Paul Gauguin, held their favorite colors. "All the colors in the print were really intense and saturated," recalls Clements, so she pulled paint chips that were toned-down versions. "When you're doing bold colors, you need to make sure they're livable, too," she says.

Shown: The powder room holds the Gauguin print that inspired the whole-house palette. As a small room used for only short periods of time, this space's walls were a prime spot for one of the boldest shades in the home's palette: a flame orange. The golden olive trim ties it into the other rooms on the first floor.
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