paint brushes and rollers
Photo: Ted Morrison
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Pick The Right Tool for the Job

Roller Covers
1. Smooth roller, ¼-inch nap: Best for semigloss or gloss on smooth drywall or plaster walls.
2. Semi-smooth roller, -inch nap: Best for semigloss, flat, or eggshell on lightly textured plaster or wood-paneled walls.
3. Rough roller, ¾-inch nap: Best for flat or eggshell on highly textured stucco or masonry walls.

1. 1-inch angled brush: Best for details, such as moldings and window muntins.
2. 2½-inch angled brush: Best for window and door casing, cabinetry, and cutting in.
3. 3-inch straight brush: Best for large expanses, such as wainscoting and doors.
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