well furnished living room with clean lines
Photo: Ken Gutmaker
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Lightening Up

With their kids grown and on their own, Trish found herself drawn to white rugs and fragile porcelain collectibles. Jettisoning the existing dark finishes and iron sconces and working with some pieces the couple owned, Keiser introduced a pale palette and a smattering of contemporary items, like a chrome lamp and glass-top table, balancing them with soft draperies and cushy pillows. Periwinkle paint helps the pottery pop, and carpet bound into area rugs shows off the refinished oak floors. "The result honors the architectural uniqueness of the place," says Keiser, "while giving it a lighter, more modern feel." One part Mediterranean, you might say, and two parts well-furnished empty nest.

Shown: Dark upholstery piping and drapery trim help wood moldings blend into a lightened-up scheme.
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