woman folding towels in spa laundry room
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Laundry With a View

Doing laundry often involves a detour to a dark corner of the house. But what if the laundry area were an airy destination instead? During a gut renovation of their house in Redondo Beach, California, Diane Petersen and her husband, Aubrey Payne, accomplished just that, converting a guest-room closet into a haven for doing laundry and more. The now-sunny space, conceived by interior designer Sarah Barnard, has a whirlpool sink for delicates, a built-in ironing board, counter space for folding towels and arranging flowers, storage for holiday gear, and a rolling library ladder to reach high shelves. Barnard's layout allows the couple to work separately without getting under each other's feet or blocking their cats' path to a litter box hidden in a curtained cabinet. A wisteria-theme backsplash, hardwood flooring, and luminous quartzite stone countertops make the light-reflecting lavender-and-white room a go-to spot. "It's so pleasant to spend time there," says Diane—whether they're pairing socks, wrapping gifts, or "just stopping to gaze out our new window."

Shown: To-the-ceiling cabinets accessed by a rolling library ladder, quartzite counters, a drip bar, and a window trimmed with stone scraps make the room inviting and functional.

Ladder: Alaco Ladder Company
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