What to Look For

These upgrades enhance a fireplace's convenience, comfort, and good looks.

1. Variable-flame height adjustment. Allows you to dial in just the amount of heat you need, from a whisper of a flame to a roaring fire. (The best units adjust down to 30 percent of full output).

2. Wall-thermostat control. Automatically adjusts the fireplace's heat output to the temperature that you set manually or with a handheld remote.

3. Electronic ignition. Eliminates the need for a pilot light, saving up to $10 a month in fuel.

4. LED accent lighting. Adds a realistic flickering effect inside the firebox.

5. Battery backup. Ensures the fireplace will light during a power outage.

6. Built-in fan. Pulls indoor air into the space behind the firebox and pumps hot air out, heating a room in a hurry.
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