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Put Light Where You Need It With a Garage Floodlight

If you've never been stuck with the task of taking out trash after dinner clean-up, then lucky you. But, in the fall and winter, the last haul often goes out after-dark. Install a motion-sensor garage floodlight to keep you company. It'll also welcome you and your guests home with its warm illumination.

Speaking of garages, now's a good time to tidy up the place. For most, the garage sees a lot of action during the summer with yard tools and pool accessories moving in and out. It might be handy to actually get the car in there now that winter weather is on the way. Create a garage storage plan and build a work bench to stow tools if you have the space. Consider replacing the stained concrete slab with an epoxy-coated garage floor that'll resist oil stains, bead water, and wipe clean.

TOH Tip: While you're in the garage, fuel up the snow blower so you're not caught with your gas down when the white stuff comes. Take some time to put your lawn mower to bed with a tune-up that'll ensure it's working like new come spring.
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