7. Counter-Depth Fridge Isn't Flush

"Our new counter-depth fridge has the stainless-steel look I love and cost much less than a built-in. Who knew it would still stick out? It makes me crazy, since counter depth means giving up tons of storage!"

How to cope: It's easy to overlook the small things that can make a counter-depth model a bit more than counter depth: the plug, the ice-maker's water line, air space for the coils, and that beefy handle. You might be able to gain a half inch by recessing the electrical box into the wall; ask for a clock receptacle when you go to the home center.

Next time: If your cabinets are stock, have a carpenter box-in the fridge—whatever its size—while leaving room next to the hinge side for the door swing. It's the only way to cover the sides completely.
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