illustration of a man sweltering in front of a kitchen range
Illustration: Zohar Lazar
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3. Pro-Grade Range Heats Up the Whole Room

"I finally bagged a trophy stove with high-Btu burners. It looks great! Unfortunately, it cost so much that I cheaped out with a recirculating vent-hood fan. Now when I'm sauteing onions on one burner and boiling pasta on another, our small kitchen feels like one big oven."

How to cope: Open a window and plug in a table fan. Seriously. Just direct any breezes away from those high-Btu flames.

Next time: Invest in a vent hood that sucks up hot air and moves it outdoors. Figure that for every 100 Btus it should move 1 cfm—rangespeak for "cubic feet of air per minute." Look for a model that puts the noisy motor outside, too. (See range hood accessories)
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