illustration of a woman poring over scratches on the surface of a chef-style shelf
Illustration: Zohar Lazar
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2. Chef-Style Shelves Scratch Way Too Easily

"Now that we have open stainless-steel shelves around the range, when I need a pan I can just reach for it. What I didn't anticipate: Ugly scratches reflect my equal love for cast-iron cookware."

How to cope: A cleanser like Bon Ami can reduce the scratches' appearance, but never use an abrasive scouring pad. If the steel is brushed, you can try a kit called Scratch-B-Gone, which has "regraining" pads and an oxidizing liquid.

Next time: Protect steel shelves with clear plastic liners. Or consider wire Metro shelves. The wires are thin, so scratches don't show.
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