floor plan of this open kitchen after remodel
Floor Plan: Ian Worpole
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Floorplan: After

Annexing the breakfast room created space for an island and countertops along two walls of the now spacious galley.

1_ Removed the wall separating the kitchen and breakfast room.
2_ Added an island measuring 3 by 8 feet for extra prep space.
3_ Moved the sink to the rear wall, under a new energy-saving casement window with views of the backyard.
4_ Reoriented the basement door to create a seamless wall next to the fridge cabinet.
5_ Exposed rafters in the existing kitchen space, adding 2-inch-thick rigid-foam insulation and drywall between them.
6_ Relocated the range to a side wall and added a hood with a stovepipe narrow enough to fit between rafters.
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